Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Yesterday and today we've been putting the finishing touches on our Live Beta release. Here are the highlights.
  • Initial price for a paid account set at $5 US. This will go up as we add more content.
  • Snazzy professional website.
  • Payment integration, so we can take your credit card. We're using Stripe, which makes it as effortless as possible to do safe and secure credit card transactions.
  • Added some initial sound effects. You'll notice movement sounds on a few of the units, as well as a few sounds on card effects.
  • All of the area of effect cards now have visual effects.
  • A base coat texture was added to all the dark units.
  • Several dark units have concept preview versions of the sweet style we're working on for the dark units. Check out the Atropos, Wheeler, and Keres.


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